Distant Companions

Short film × 2021 × with Uta Plate

During the pandemic, three 11-year olds are left to fend for themselves: no school, no friends, isolation. That does not stop them from forging bonds with something that others cannot see. Distant Companions is based on the stories of Mariam, Chantal, and Milan. In the midst of the early pandemic, despite the challenges of ever-changing restrictions, Uta Plate and Aaike Stuart met up with these youths multiple times in order to playfully delve into their inner fantasy worlds. The audience accompanies the three young people on a magical journey during those extraordinary days of social isolation.

Chantal loves spending time in a skater park at an overgrown garbage dump. She fantasizes about a mythical creature that embodies the powerful and loyal friend she is longing for.

Milan lives in a forest and knows everything about electrical circuits and wireless networks. He reaches out to a pink creature from a planet without cars, viruses or sharp edges, where vibrating positive energy is the source of life.

When Mariam stumbles upon an abandoned tennis court, it reminds her of the red soil of her family’s homeland. When she meets Luis—a well-dressed robot—the two gradually grow closer to one another.

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2:21 Min.
Milan | excerpts (German w. English subs)

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1:40 Min.
Chantal | excerpts (German w. English subs)

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1:32 Min.
Mariam | excerpts

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30:45 Min.
Full film (German)

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