Le Feu

Music video × 2016 × with Authentic Boys and Hyperculte

The music video for “Le Feu” by Hyperculte was created as part of the extensive Rehearsing Revolution project, which made the phenomenon of revolution a personal subject for young people. It features youths from the Collège de Nyon-Marens in Switzerland.

The teenage years are preeminently a phase of change. Body and mind undergo rapid transformation and teenagers not only rebel against their surroundings, parents, and school, but also against their own childhood identity.

The aim was to confront teenagers with their own “revolutionary potential” in the form of a workshop series. Through establishing an artistic free state for one to three hours, Rehearsing Revolution aimed to activate their authentic creative powers and capture them in a series of videos and photographs. Over 1000 youths aged 13–18 joined Rehearsing Revolution in Rotterdam (NL), Nyon (CH), and Birmingham (UK).

Images from Rehearsing Revolution in Rotterdam.
Images from Rehearsing Revolution in Rotterdam.

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